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Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words

There could be many reasons for the distress that your plant is experiencing. Photos help us narrow it down to prevent the same thing from happening to your replacement. 

If you have to ability to take photos, we ask that you take 3 to help us identify the stressors. Please use the examples below.

  • A Close Up Of The Trunk

    Please dig back any mulch or soil packed up again the trunk so we can easily see the base of the trunk.

  • A Close Up Of The Leaves

    Is there wilting or damage present on the leaves? Take a close up of any noticeable damage. Send more than 3 photos if needed.

  • A Full Yard View

    Stand as far back as you can to get a shot of its surroundings. Make sure the distressed plant is easily recognized. Surroundings could play a big role.

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Warranty Claims

*Please Note: Perennials and Roses are only warrantied for the growing season, they are not included in our extended Hardy Nursery Stock Warranty.*

We warranty our plants because we are committed to educating our customers and selling healthy plant material. However, once it leaves our hands, it is the purchasers responsibility plant it properly, according to our planting instructions.

There are 4 planting errors that could void your warranty. We have provided detailed planting instructions, video tutorials, and have highlighted these points thoroughly to ensure they are avoided.

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Planting Directly In Hard Clay Without Amending The Soil

Two things can happen. Roots will not be able to expand past the root system. A root ball that suffers this looks the same as the day you planted it. If the area has poor drainage due to the dense clay, your roots could experience root rot. Please call us if you are struggling with wilt.

Planting The Tree Too Deep

Rot will occur at the base of the main trunk. A distinct line will appear at the depth of the planting.

Not Watering 2-3 times a Week

Wilt is not only caused by lack of watering. If you purchase 10 plants and they all crisp up, because you didn't water, please take responsibility. We take a lot of effort to care for the plants we sell, the care needs to continue at home.

 Leaving Twine Around The Trunk

This is a very important step, neglecting to remove the twine from around the trunk can cause the tree to get strangled as it grows. This limits its ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. 

Timestamped Warranty Code

This code tells us that our planting instructions were adhered to. We are happy to warranty our plants when we know that they have been planted in accordance with our instructions.

We want to reassure you that if you follow our planting instructions, these planting errors are 100% avoidable. We have implemented a warranty code because many inexperienced gardeners do not read the planting instructions. This is discouraging to them and makes it difficult for us to continue to offer our fantastic warranty. Our new "code" policy is intended to reinforce the importance of reading our planting techniques and increase success amongst new gardeners.

Please Reach Out If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns

Do You Have A Plant That Needs Replacement?

We ask that you DO NOT DIG IT UP until you have spoken to one of our Horticulturalists. In many cases we do require the plant back, however sometimes we can processes your warranty with photos. This will save you time and effort.

When we receive a plant warranty request we do like to inspect it to find out what could have caused your plant to perish. Knowing what goes wrong with our plants after they are transplanted is how we continue to improve on our quality and how we pinpoint what learning tools or signage we need to develop to create more success in your gardens. In many cases, it is very possible that we need to suggest a better suited plant for the location to ensure success of your replacement.

Contact Us With Your Receipt & Photos

  • Text Us : (519) 401-8605‬

  • Email Us: sales@glasshousenursery.ca

  • Bring Photos Into Store

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Upon receiving your request we will provide you with the next steps that you can take to replace your tree and tips for future growing. Please note that we warranty all hardy trees and shrubs for their receipt price.