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Experience a Warm Welcome and Personalized Tour 5 Days A Week

Please call to book a tour in advance 519-352-1127. we will be happy to welcome you and show you around our family owned and opperated garden centre and Christmasland.

Christmasland is where you will find life-size reindeers nestled amongst 15 foot Chrsitmas trees that are decorated to the nines, and 8 foot nutcrackers who stand at attention. This year all the excitement is around an enchanted 20’ suspended bridge that spirals down from the ceiling. There is no lack of creativity from our designers.

We Are Happy To Prepare A Quick DIY Workshop For Groups of 15+

Our team of designers have learned many techniques over their years of creating Christmasland

  • Grab A Coffee, Pastry, or Lunch

    If we know in advance that you are planning a trip we can prepare a freshly made lunch and coffee. Take it with you or enjoy it at one of the many tables throughout our garden centre.

  • Shop Our Fashion Boutique

    Discover our stunning ladies fashion boutique nestled within our enchanting garden center. Explore a wide range of jackets, knits, footwear, handbags, jewelry, and fashionable winter accessories.

  • Enjoy A Tropical Escape In Our Greenhouse

    It could be -20 outside but it always feels like a tropical retreat inside our greenhouse of houseplants. If you have any questions about your plants at home, we're happy to offer professional advice and care tips.

Answers For Common Questions Asked By Travellers

We have multiple bathrooms available for your group to use

There are lots of places to rest. We have benches and patio sets in our greenhouse and seating in our Coffee Shop.

Our parking lots are paved and there is room for multiple buses to park if needed.

To Plan a Tour Group Visit of 15+ Please email spencer.m.robbins@gmail.com or call us at 519-352-1127 today so we can start planning your trip!