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 Proper Planting Techniques

 It is soo important to plant your trees and shrubs properly. If you look around at other Garden Centres, you will have a hard time finding a warranty program like ours. That is because too many well-intentioned customers miss important steps to proper planting. But we are dedicated to educating our customers on proper planting techniques. We always have horticulturalists and experienced gardeners on staff who can answer all your questions to ensure success!

You will see that we highly recommend the use of 2 main products when planting Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, and Perennials.

3-Way-Mix For & Root Rescue

3 Way Mix Will Help To Condition The soil. Our area is heavy in clay. Adding 3-Way-Mix into your backfill soil will help to create a welcoming environment for the new tender roots that will begin growing. The faster these roots can gain access to the surrounding soil, the faster your tree will establish and require less care! 3-Way-Mix also adds moisture retention, aeration (aka beneficial oxygen around the roots), and organic matter.

Root Rescue is a natural beneficial fungus called Mycorrhizae. It is naturally found in our soil but it has been drastically reduced from urban development. Think about the untouched forest and how quickly and healthy its vegetation grows. It is packed with this natural fungus.

When applied at the base of your plants, the Mycorrhizae instantly begin creating a symbiotic relationship with your root system. Simply put, they depend on each other for nutrients that they wouldn't be able to attain on their own. They make each other stronger indefinitely. Your roots feed the fungi nutrients like Carbohydrates from sugars attained through photosynthesis, a process that requires the sun. The Fungi, in return, can grow at a ramped rate, much quicker than your new roots. This allows them to reach moisture and nutrients, like phosphoric acid, far deeper into the soil. The plant wouldn't be able to reach any of these on its own and these phosphoric nutrients are what aid it root development and bloom!

1 Month after Root Rescue you can begin to fertilize your plants. However, we suggest starting with Root Rescue, as it stays with the plants for its entire life and will assist the plant in absorbing the fertilizer when it is applied.

There Is So Much To Learn About Plants & What Makes Them Grow!

Anyone can sell you a plant, but we are here to help you grow it.

We always have experienced gardeners on staff to answer your questions and guide you along the way to having the most stunning gardens with healthy, prolific plants!

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