Please Note That There are 4 Planting Errors That Are Not Covered Under Our Warranty

Please Review Planting Instructions If Required.

Planting Directly In Hard Clay Without Amending The Soil

Two things can happen. Roots will not be able to expand past the root system. A root ball that suffers this looks the same as the day you planted it. If the area has poor drainage due to the dense clay, your roots could experience root rot. Please call us if you are struggling with wilt.

Planting The Tree Too Deep

Rot will occur at the base of the main trunk. A distinct line will appear at the depth of the planting.

Not Watering 2-3 times a Week

Wilt is not only caused by lack of watering. If you purchase 10 plants and they all crisp up, because you didn't water, please take responsibility. We take a lot of effort to care for the plants we sell, the care needs to continue at home.

 Leaving Twine Around The Trunk

This is a very important step, neglecting to remove the twine from around the trunk can cause the tree to get strangled as it grows. This limits its ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. 

Warranty Code

Warranty Planting Code : PL2309

Please write down this code on your warranty card, which is attached to your receipt. Include the date you planted your new plants and sign the form to complete your warranty registration.  
Keep Your Receipt In A Safe Spot.
In the case that you require a warranty replacement we will require the original receipt and warranty planting code (above) to process warranty claims.

 Thank you for following our planting guide and taking advantage of our warranty program. We want you to have success and enjoy gardening as much as we do!

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns as your new planting is getting established.