New House Plants Have Arrived!

Clean The Air In Your Home

Fresh Greens Coming Soon!

We Are Expecting To Have Our Fresh Greens By November 4th!

It's Time To Experience Christmasland!

And just like that, our Garden Centre has been transformed into Christmasland! We cannot wait for you to come and experience our Christmas wonderland. We are extremely proud of our team for doing such a fantastic set up job!

Check Out Our New Grandis Fir


How Long Does The Christmasland Transformation Take?

Planning Started January 10th!

This is when we plan the trends for the up-coming year. We visit massive showrooms to find new trends and to Curate themes of products that will bring a new experience to our customers each year. Planning, organizing and ordering takes about 3-4 weeks but then we are on to the Gardening side of things around here until August.

In August Product Is On Its Way So Now We Start Planning Out The Store.

Sketches, Powerpoint presentations, idea boards, signs and lots of sharpie note making takes place in order to organize where everything is going to be placed. We always change and adapt to bring better customer experiences and to expand on what we learned the previous year.

September Finally Arrives & Its A Shot Gun Start, There Is No Time To Loose!

Like Elves, our team works like there isn't a moment to spare in order to be fully decorated before our Preview Weekend. Unpacking, pricing, displaying and arranging all of our new product takes two full months to complete so this means all hands on deck. Our Horticulturists & Plant Enthusiasts, Cashiers, Landscapers, Fashionistas, and of course Merchandisers all pitch in with their own incredible talents.

By The Beginning Of November Our Christmas Wonderland is Near Complete!

And yes, it IS okay to shop from our trees! After all, we created them to inspire you and to help you make design idea easily!

We Will Continue To Re-Decorate Until Christmas Eve!

Reminiscing On Years Past!
Here's An Idea Of What We Do But It's Different Each Year!
We Have A Great Selection Of rare tropicals!

Plan Your Trip To Christmasland!

& Find So Much More!

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In-Store Shopping Hours

**Please Note: Shoppers Seeking A Quiet Experience -> Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Are Generally Quieter Days.

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