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Valentines & Wedding

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In-Store Shopping & Curb Side Pick-Up Hours

**Please Note: Shoppers Seeking A Quiet Experience - Monday thru Wednesdays are quiet. Even more so between 9am - 11am! Friday & Saturday are generally our busier days, but keep in mind, it is March at a Garden Centre so we have lots of room with less traffic than normal, due to the time of year.

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Monday: 9am - 5pm

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We understand that remaining open comes with great responsibility

We want you to feel comfortable about coming out to shop, so if you have any concerns here are some of our less obvious policies, that we have in place, to ensure we keep our community safe.

Reduced Capacity - 25%

We will not allow shoppers to park in our lot across the road, or on the road. If all the spots in our main lot are full, please wait patiently until one opens up.

Reduced Advertising

We have reduced our advertising substantially.Normally at this time of the year you can find out what's going on via newspaper, postcards, magazines, radio, email and social media. We will be limiting our advertising to email and social media only for the next couple of weeks. We still want to support our local papers and radio, as they are local small businesses too, but when you begin to see our ads again in the paper or on the radio, we promise that they will promote our curb-side options only. Because you are a loyal customer and receive our emails you will will get the inside scoop on in-store promotions but if you are not an email member, you will not find out about them unless you're in store.

Encouraging Weekday Shopping

In general, our weekends are always busier than our weekdays.Please, whenever possible come shopping during the week!To help encourage this, all on-site specials & promos will begin on Mondays. These items will only be on promotion over the weekend if there is remaining stock.So shop earlier in the week to get some good deals.

Cancelling Our Annual Big Events

We will not be hosting any of our regular "Big Event Weekends" as they attract an unsafe crowd. Our Parking Lot Sale will be held online only again, and we will not be hosting our Spring Grand Opening or Open house Weekend this Year.

Cashiers Are All Located In Our Outdoor Greenhouse

This keeps the front of our store open for safe shopping and customer assistance and keeps our customers and staff in an outdoor environment as much as possible.

Mission-Based Shopping Only: 45 Minutes Max

We understand that friends like to meet up to shop together and enjoy a casual browse around the garden centre, but please understand that is not why we are allowed to be open. We will will not be able to monitor this, but we will continue to strongly promote it and we hope that our customers respect and adhere to our guidelines as this is not something we want to do, but it is something we have to do =(. This includes bringing out children during March Break. Please only bring them if it is an absolute must. It breaks our hearts to say that, because inspiring young gardeners is so rewarding. But right now, please inspire them in your own gardens and keep them safe.

Our Boutique Is Currently Closed

Last But Not Least - We Will Continue To Adapt & Change As We Navigate Safely Through This.

Please, Place Orders Online & Over The Phone Whenever Possible.If you have any questions of concerns, please feel free to call!


Thank you for your continued support & for taking the time to read our email! Stay Safe & Positive

~ The Glasshouse Team