Digging The Hole


PAUSE  *** Do not physically use the root ball to test the size of the hole. Use a measuring tape. Why?

It is very important to protect the roots from as much damage as possible. Every time you pick it up and put it down the roots are essentially experiencing a mini earthquake. Using any other precise form of measurement to determine the hole size is better for the plant. Our instructions will tell you when and how to safely remove the pot or burlap. Please refrain from jumping ahead.


1. Start with measuring the depth and width of your root ball.

The diameter of your hole should 1.5x wider than root ball but NO DEEPER than the height of the plant's original soil level. When you reach the bottom of the new hole, do not break up the soil at the bottom. In theory you may assume it will help the roots penetrate deeper, but as the soil settles your plant may sink, inviting rot at the trunk.


2. Combine 3-Way Mix Into Backfill Soil

 3-Way Mix is recommended to use when backfilling your hole. It amends the soil by adding rich nutrients and making it more inviting for the new growth has an easier time getting established.

As you dig the soil out of your hole, keep 1/2 of it. Break up any large chucks and mix in equal parts 3-Way Mix.

Once you are done digging the hole to the size of your initial measurements, use your measuring tape (NOT the actual plant) to double check the depth. The depth of the hole should be the same height as the level of soil in the pot.

Tip: Place the shaft of your shovel across the top of the hole. Measure from the bottom of the hole to the shovel to get an accurate measurement of the depth.


3. Correct Any Measurements Before Moving On

If the hole is slightly too deep, backfill and pack it down well so that it doesn't settle over time. Make sure you have the proper depth before moving on. 


Do You Struggle With Digging Holes?

  • Wet earth is easier to break up than dry. Water the area well an hour or two before digging.
  • A heavy shovel is actually easier to use in the end. Using the weight of the shovel to help you dig can make your efforts more impactful. 
  • Don't just use your arms. Get your whole body into it. Steel toe shoes allow you to use the full strength of your legs without hurting your feet. If you have them use them!