Potted Vs Ball and Burlap Trees

We Sell Trees That Are Grown In Two Different Ways

  1. Pot Grown - These plants have been growing directly in a pot for quite some time now. Their roots have not been disrupted or pruned to fit in the pot, alternatively, they have grown into the pot. There should ONLY be soil in the pot. You will not find any burlap or twine holding it together.
  2. Ball & Burlap (B&B) - B&B Trees have been grown in a field. Upon us ordering them, our growers carefully dig them up, pack their rootball tight with soil and wrap it into a ball with burlap and twine to protect the roots during transportation. Sometimes growers will place smaller B&B trees in pots to help protect the roots better. If you ever see twin in your pot follow B&B instructions.

It is important to know which type you are transplanting. You will not have success if you plant a B&B tree like a pot grown tree. Making this mistake will result in a void warranty. If you have any questions and need clarification please call us 519-352-1127.