Adding Winter Interest To Your Garden With Statuary

Adding Winter Interest To Your Garden With Statuary

We carry statuary year-round. In the spring-time, statuary can be found throughout our gardens and tastefully displayed amongst our nursery products, ponds, and walkways throughout the Garden Centre. Statuary adds the final touch of personality to your landscape, but in the winter it does so much more.

We are so lucky to live in an area with a vast array of flowering shrubs, perennials and thankfully evergreens, who carry all the weight of curb appeal in the winter. Statuary that is placed strategically in Perennial beds help to create year-round interest, texture and adds colour when all of your perennials hibernate for the winter. Wait for the blizzard to come and the tufts of snow that's left behind atop some of these structures can really set the scene.

 If a part of your garden looks bare through the slow-growing months, consider some garden statuary to boost its appeal. If you are purchasing statuary in the winter, keep in mind where your hibernating perennials may be hiding. In early spring when we start seeing new signs of growth, keep a close eye on the soil, just below. If you see any new growth, lift the statuary to re-position it. Just avoid dragging it to prevent causing any damage to the new growth.

 We Have Many Items Available In-Store and Online.

Our collection changes season-to-season. We bring in new pieces each year in order to continue offering unique products to our customers. This Gallery is intended to introduce you to our business. The inspiration and experience you can expect to find when you frequent our garden centre. Below It is a portfolio of last years collection, displayed at our garden centre. We may not have ALL of these items available in 2022 but please inquire if you like something you see! 

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More Statuary to come! Give us a call if you are looking for something in particular! 519-352-1127
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