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SOLD OUT Garden Bundle Pre-Order - Package 3

SOLD OUT Garden Bundle Pre-Order - Package 3

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Garden Club Savings
This is an incredible way to tackle your landscaping this spring!
We have put together some of our favourite flowering shrubs, evergreens, and grasses into new home packages. 
Please Note: This is a pre-order. Items are arriving now.
Included Plants Qty Regular Price
Hill’s Yew 3G 40cm 1 $49.99
Blue Star Juniper 3G 30cm 1 $39.99
Sungold Threadleaf Cypress 3G 30cm 2 $39.99
Pink Diamond Hydrangea 2G 30cm 1 $34.99
Magic Carpet Spirea 2G 30cm 1 $29.99
Electric Love Weigela 2G 30cm 1 $39.99
Dwarf Korean Lilac Standard 5G 125cm Stem 1 $99.99
Green Mountain Boxwood 2G 2 $19.99
Free Landscape Design

Yes, you can add these to your existing garden beds as beautiful contrasting plants, but we came up with the idea to make DIY landscaping easy for all the new home being built around the town.
These shrubs are low maintenance, quick to grow, and complement each other in a landscape. Add a few boulders and some mulch and your project will be completed for a fraction of the cost if purchased together in our pre-order.
Design (as shown) included in Package
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