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Apple Tree 'Cortland'

Apple Tree 'Cortland'

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SIZE: 5 ft. high plus, in 7 gallon pot 

 The Cortland Apple Tree is a cross between Ben Davis and McIntosh apples, a highly productive tree that bears ruby red apples with creamy white flesh that resists turning browns after being peeled. Great for party platters and salads! Also perfect for pies and cider. Boasts beautiful pink blooms and pure white blossoms with glossy green leaves. A super cold hardy variety.

The Cortland is a star in the world of apples, and with good reason! It’s an all-purpose apple with a succulent taste! Its pure white flesh keeps its shape when cooked, which explains why the Cortland is a pie lovers’ favourite. It is also perfect for fruit salads, since it does not brown when exposed to air. It’s even the go-to choice for drying apples. Without a doubt, it is one versatile apple!

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