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The Glasshouse Nursery - Willowbrook

Apple Tree - 4 in 1 Combination

Apple Tree - 4 in 1 Combination

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PLU # 13048

Nice healthy trees in 7 gallon pots.

4 different popular apple varieties grafted on one tree. These trees remain small (approximately  6- 8 ft. high and wide) and are self pollinating, so you don't need any other apple pollinators. Perfect for small gardens and areas with limited space.  Great if you just want a few apples for fresh eating or a few for apple sauce. No need for a whole orchard.

Apples should be grown in full sun.

Very cold hardy. Zone 4

SORRY - we can't promise what varieties will be on the tree, as they vary from tree to tree and grower to grower. GUARANTEE - all varieties on a combination tree are hardy and suited to our local growing conditions.  Individual varieties will be labeled on your tree when you pick up.


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