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Here is our assortment of Cacti.

We have quickly put these items up on our site so you can shop them while we are closed to walk-in customers. We have so many different varieties and they all take very similar conditions.


This means, Cacti are perfect for your warmest windows, they must be planted in cactus soil or a medium that drains well.

Please call us if you have any questions on a specific variety or if you would like an arrangement made up. We have a very talented Horticulture Specialist on staff at all times to answer your calls and make your creations! 519-352-1127

Fun FACT - Cacti in their natural environment go through long periods of drought and then a heavy rainfall when they do get it. This gives their roots more ambition to grow, to spread out and cover more ground so they can absorb more rain before it drains away when they get a rainfall. Re-creating this in your home environment helps to promote strong roots. Avoid small regular doses of water and practice this heavier, once every few weeks watering. When your cactus is close to desert-dry, soak the soil and then drain any sitting water remaining in the saucer or bottom of the pot immediately after. Roots should never sit in water.

Fertilize during every-other watering.

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