COVID-19 Curbside Pick Up Protocol

It goes without saying, the past month has been a roller coaster of emotions for everyone. But, I believe we must look for positivity as we move forward, in our new reality. Every ounce of energy we put towards positivity and goodwill is an ounce well weighed.
The entire act of planting something new is an unconscious act of
hope and positivity.
Working in your garden is GOOD for your health and great mental therapy. I also believe that we are offering a service and product that is enabling people who are isolating at home to continue enjoying life. Many people are taking this time as an opportunity to grow a vegetable garden, while at the same time teaching their children how to produce their own food. Planting trees is what our planet needs right now and, planting flowers for our pollinating bumble bees should never be put on hold. Giving back to the earth by maintaining our properties cultivates happiness and satisfaction. It allows us to reconnect with nature and can definitely help us with our solitude during this time

COVID-19 Safety Protocol
The Glasshouse has extremely strict protocol when it comes to safety for our staff and customers. Thank you for the numerous positive comments we’ve received about this already. I believe with the right safety measures we are much more beneficial to society to operate in the way we currently are.
To ensure there is no confusion, as of March 16th we made the difficult decision to close our doors to all walk-in customers and we will continue to operate in this manner until further notice.
No Exceptions.
How To Order?
Shop Online
Call Us: 519-352-1127
Q: How long will my order take to pick up?
A: Usually 1-2 hours. If you are coming immediately, just let us know to rush your order. We can bring it out right away.
Q: If something is not available on your website how can I order It?
Call us or email us! We can send you pictures, do FaceTime or Zoom if needed! We’re adaptable to your needs! We have lots of product that we won’t get up right away but it is still available!
Curb-Side Pick Up Rules: 
*Sorry, these are strict rules and must be adhered to in order for us to continue operating.
1 - Pull Up To Our Main Entrance Doors & Honk 
**You must stay in your vehicle.**
2 - Roll Down Your Passenger-Side Window To Communicate With Us.
** Please talk loudly. We will be about 30 feet away!**
If we are not outside already, we will be there very promptly!
3 - Once Your Order Is On The Pick-Up Table Outside Our Doors & We Are Back Inside, Please Proceed To Collect Your Package.
When Loading Assistance Is Required
Please pop your hatch and wait in your vehicle.
We will set your items in the back and once we are gone you can close the hatch.
We appreciate offers for help but must refuse them at this time. Our staff will not touch anything in your vehicle so please make sure the space is clear of clutter before we come out.
***Do Not Wait Outside Of Your Vehicle In Pick Up Zone.
We will have to uncomfortably ask you to please wait inside your vehicle.
* Please abide by these strict guidelines. Our staff are grateful and happy to see you, but with these dangerous times, we must put everyone's safety first.
If you have any suggestions or comments about our safety operations, which we are always striving to improve on, we welcome them whole-heartedly.
~ The Van Raay Family